Life’s Truly What Happens While We’re Making Plans

Oh the irony!  Not even a month after telling you about our home, we moved again.  Knowing from the moment we started the renovations that it would not be forever, I’d anticipated time enough to at least get unpacked.  Still, after almost 8 years of marriage, I should’ve known that my nomadic husband would not rest on his laurels when it comes to fulfilling goals.  Thus far, our current stats of living in Vienna lie at 22 months, 4 apartments, and 4 districts.

Take a peep at Vienna’s district layout here.

May 2011 we moved to Vienna and landed in the welcoming arms of hubby’s grandparents.  Their cute apartment situated in Ottakring (16th district) was ideally situated as it’s located in a quiet and clean street that’s only a quick stroll from the main street.  On the main street is a large shopping center that includes a large foodstore, a post center, bank, and a few other stores.  The main street also has a Straßenbahn (street tram) which allows for quick and easy connection to the rest of the city, a large houseware store, and a library that I was quick to visit.  Still, as welcoming and lovely as hosts are, one longs for the freedom of one’s own home.

This 2-burner stovetop required careful planning in the old apartment.

This 2-burner stovetop required careful planning in the old apartment.

By July of the same year we moved to a tiny studio in Floridsdorf (22nd district).  I must admit, while happy to once again be queen of all I surveyed, Floridsdorf was not my favorite.  Still, to date, it was THE most conveniently located.  Just outside my door, I found two foodstores, a drugstore, two health stores, several doctor’s offices, several clothing stores, houseware locations, a dollar store, more than a few restaurants and bars, and each of the transportation methods available in Austria – Straßenbahn, bus, U-Bahn (subway), and Zug (train).  The school where I studied was a 5-minute walk away. The studio apartment was located on the top floor and offered a large sunny roof-terrace that my balcony garden loved and a view that one can not pay for.  We also had a garage spot, still the kitchen was ridiculously tiny and required me to be a magician.

Yes!  A kitchen designed after my own dreams where I can whip-up (or try to) wonders and delights!

Yes! A kitchen designed after my own dreams where I can whip-up (or try to) wonders and delights!

May 2012 we moved into our Simmering (11th district) apartment.  After stripping the walls of various coatings of dusty, discolored wallpaper and painting them a sunny cream color, stripping the floors of musty stained carpets and laying new wooden flooring, and removing every inch of the nasty mildewed kitchen and disinfecting, painting, and building in new white and glass cabinetry with silver backsplash and machines with wooden counters, the apartment was incredibly beautiful.  Finally, I was happy – I had space to really cook, bake, and entertain!  Across the street was a pretty big park which we could enjoy from our 3rd floor balcony.  Unfortunately, our spot was not as well-connected as the prior – only a Straßenbahn and a 15-minute walk away, a Zug.  It took me an hour to get to school and 30-minutes at the minimum to get to the city center.  Also, there were not as many shopping options in the direct area, not to mention a much smaller balcony which in all honesty did not allow enough room for both me and my plants, and absolutely no parking was ever available, which was the deathblow to this apartment.

Ten months later, we moved to Favoriten (10th district) and there’s even less shopping options in the direct neighborhood – only a pizza spot, a convenience store, and a drugstore.  We have to drive for everything else but there is a huge shopping center about 15-minutes drive away that will probably become my second home pretty soon.  It has EVERYTHING – an Ikea, other houseware stores, some of my favorite clothing and shoe stores, gardening supplies, a Cinnabon (yes, you read that right!), and so on.  There’s a Straßenbahn and a bus available for public transportation; however, it takes about 45 minutes to get into the city. After spending so much time designing and building my dream kitchen, its taking a little while to warm up to my new one.  So instead I’m focusing on my new garden (yah!!!).  I’m so looking forward to it warming up a bit more so that I can start preparing my herb, vegetable, and salad beds.  But the biggest pleasure this new spot gives – hubby no longer has to circle for 15-minutes each night in search of parking because we once again have a garage.

Although we’ve only been in the new spot for about 2 weeks, I wouldn’t dare make a statement that this is the last move – although this place really has everything and more that I haven’t even mentioned.  One just never knows with my husband, he’s constantly searching for bigger and better.  What I am learning is that while I’m busy making plans to settle in, life happens.  Kinda makes it annoying, kinda makes it fun; don’tcha think?

About A Bahamian In Austria

I am a Bahamian woman, married to an Austrian man, who's been freshly transplanted to Vienna. I started writing this blog when a dear friend insisted that I had to write down my experiences. At best it'll update my buddies on my crazy-going-ons and at least, it'll keep me from stalking them online (LOL). I hope you enjoy :D
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3 Responses to Life’s Truly What Happens While We’re Making Plans

  1. Happy Easter from Gullringstop!
    Sometimes it’s fun to not be so settled and then sometimes you just need to stop and put down your collective roots. I wish for you and your husband happy wandering and finally happy settling down, when the time and place are right. I am ready for a move to a climate where my goats can be outside more months of the year. I would like to move everything house, land, stables and out buildings. Everything. Now that’s crazy, I know.
    Have a lovely Easter Sunday.

  2. Krista says:

    Love your blog Jewel! And, you can stalk me anytime :)….I am so proud of you :)….

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