Sorrel or clover – another goodie in my garden?

It’s mid-March and I’m itching to start in my garden but the weather conditions are just not practical – not even for cool-weather crops like peas, ruccola, and spinach. Even with a high-bed and containers which normally warm up faster than regular beds, were I to plant now, the seed may rot either before springing or just after (dampen-off) due to its current wet and cold condition – neither of which I can bear!

Today is reportedly the last 0°C night and the forecast indicates consistent steadily increasing temperatures, so this Saturday I anticipate getting some crops started.  As I impatiently wait, I’ve been doing some research and reading. I find it beneficial to go through previously read info, to refresh or remind myself of a method/concept that might have been forgotten. Often times, I come across something new, which was the case today.

Clumps of clover grow all over my garden and for the large part, I leave them alone.  I recognised them from seeing them in my home town of Nassau as a child, and that was that – they were neither decidely dangerous or beneficial (although, I have read they can be signs of high nitrogen levels in the ground), so I let them be. However, I just discovered (via various sources) that the plant I identified as clover, might in fact be wood sorrel.  That changes the ballgame!

Wood sorrel is a pretty useful plant and if I’m right, I’m pretty psyched to have free access to this gem.  Turns out, wood sorrel is edible, is high in Vitamin C, and is regarded as a ‘thirst-quencher’. Not sure if I might consume what I have, but extending my knowledge of my garden and plants in general is pretty cool!

Here’s the original post complete with pictures showing the difference between the two plants: Sorrel or clover | Abraham’s Blog Should curiousity take over, a quick search will provide more sources than you’ll know what to do with!

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