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Here Comes The Sun!

Vienna didn’t experience a proper, picturesque winter this year – everything remained in a weird limbo.  The lawn hung somewhere between tan and brown waiting for the blanket of pure, white snow that never came. The dull grey-brown, leafless branches of trees … Continue reading

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An Attempt To Get Around Mother Nature

With fingers crossed & Daumen gedruckt, I’ve planted two sweet potato slips. Conventional wisdom states they most likely will not produce viable crops for a few reasons. First, sweet potatoes (being a tropical vegetable) need a minimum of 100 days … Continue reading

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Wasted Opportunity??

Confession time:  I’m a bulk-shopper and food hoarder, which sadly leads more often to waste of produce than creative cooking.  This is nothing new; a NYC cabbie commented to my husband (as we unloaded his trunk from my grocery shopping … Continue reading

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