Oma’s Jam

Another fun thing about living in Austria and having such a big family is that I’m able to learn so many new things.  In New York, we’d always received home-made jam in our care packages from hubby’s family but now I got to learn how to make it too.  Everyone in the family, his grandmother, mother, and sisters make jam and it seems the point is to use the fruit from their trees, be able to enjoy the fruit once the winter has set in, and save a few euro as well.

Gifts from my MIL's garden - fresh plums and apples

Half and seed the fruit, ensuring that no pests are inside (no pesticides or in-organic fertilizers were used on the trees).

Add the sugar/gelatin mix (3:1 is the brand they use here) and bring to a boil.

My husband and I like to remove the skins, Oma purees her jam but we like our chunkier like a preserve. Bottle in a little alcohol and seal.

These will keep for about a year – no more store-bought jam for me!


About A Bahamian In Austria

I am a Bahamian woman, married to an Austrian man, who's been freshly transplanted to Vienna. I started writing this blog when a dear friend insisted that I had to write down my experiences. At best it'll update my buddies on my crazy-going-ons and at least, it'll keep me from stalking them online (LOL). I hope you enjoy :D
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